Saturday, September 7, 2019

3 More Days!!!

So, it's getting pretty close - just a few more days and I will be in Glencoe, Scotland!!
The past few days have been pretty crazy trying to get all in order - had some doctor visits, a mini scare when I had my mammo yesterday, with me having to go back today and have additional "pictures", then having to have an ultrasound, before being given an all clear - Phew! That was a little scary, I'm not lyin'.  I managed to trim my hedges which were getting close to 5 feet without losing a  finger, then sprayed the moss on the roof of my porch with a pinterest recipe to kill it and finally have almost all my storm windows painted and looking pretty. I'll hang a few of them tomorrow, then I'll have to find someone to get on a ladder to put the higher ones up, I'm not taking any chances. I still need to tackle the mold on my porch ceiling (caused by the moss on the roof), its gonna be tight, but I think I can manage....maybe......

Tomorrow after church will be a dry run of packing my tiny 22" suitcase. The more I look at it and think about needing at least a sweater or hoodie, plus some dressy clothes for the Fling, formal night on the cruise, high tea at Windsor and a charity ball, I am thinking of picking up a 26" tomorrow just to see the difference. My biggest reason for the 22" was one of the tours I booked doesn't allow luggage larger than 22", but now I am thinking if i bring a "duffle" bag as well, i could put the larger luggage in a storage facility for the 4 days and have that larger size. Hmmm.

I spent this evening making sure I had all my ducks in a row with printing out all my hotel reservations, trains, planes, buses and ferries. I think I need to sleep! Good Night all.

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