Friday, September 13, 2019

Sightseeing in Glasgow

So, I must apologize, I left my phone in my hostel room because I wanted to use my good camera, and realized half way through the day that it meant I couldn't share any pix with you all, so tomorrow I will bring it along so I can post here and on Instagram.  I definitely had some jet lag last night, I slept till noon today. Rather than finding breakfast somewhere, I decided to see how far away my pickup place is for next week's tour. It wasn't too far, about 9  blocks, and happily I wasn't winded going there. My exercises and walking have definitely made a difference!

I went to Georges Square to catch a hop on hop off bus which my daughter Tiffany recommended as a good way to see all the hot spots and figure where you want to go. It was a fairly long ride, but she was right and I saw some places I wanted to visit and their relationship to where I am staying. I decided to visit Glasgow Cathedral which I had heard was beautiful and was also used in Season 2 in Outlander. As I was getting off, I ran into two ladies from British Columbia who were Outlander fans as well.

The cathedral was so beautiful I kept saying, "Thank you, Lord." It just made you grateful for such a beautiful place to worship.  I went to every nook and cranny taking pictures. The floor in one room was tiled in a beautiful pattern with smaller tiles that had what I have seen used as a quilt block! There were small areas that were designated for certain saints, and one room had an original door with bullet holes in it! There were tons of beautiful stained glass windows and a crypt with Glasgow 's patron saint whose name was Mungo! I definitely recognized it as the hospital in France from Outlander

When I was finished there, I went to the Necropolis  next to it. It was used in the 1800's because small church yards were running out of room as thousands were dying every year. It is breathtakingly incredible. I just stood at the entryway looking up at all these elaborate gravestones going in a circle higher and higher until you are actually looking over the city. John Knox, the father of the Presbyterian ⛪ church is buried there, so is the guy wrote "wee willie winkie".I am so grateful that I bought good sneakers through ortho feet... I spent about 3 hours at these places, then hopped back on the bus to get off to get some dinner before going back to the hostel. Pickings were slim on Sauchiehall St. Lots of coffee shops or street food places with kebabs and other finger foods. Finally settled on a place advertising world food. Basically it had Indian and Asian food and some American food like wings, pizza, ziti and macaroni and cheese. I really did want tio try new foods, but other than a vegetable sushie, I stuck with what I know. I did notice lots of men coming in and loading up on the Indian and Asian food. I did notice when I left that there was a place that had fried Mars bars, and tucked it int my brain!  However, I completely forgot to eat all day and it reminded of going into NYC and forgetting to eat. I am sure this is a good thing for me. I have nothing to nosh in my room and with all this. walking, just maybe I will drop some weight. That's it for todsy. good 🌙