Friday, September 13, 2019

Knackered but happy!

I am safe and in Glasgow at the moment. The plane ride to London was close to 7 hours. I have to say there are a lot of things you don't realize when you are a large lady and travelling. I had to book 2 seats, which I was well aware of, and that was fine. Even with 2 seats, I only paid 510 dollars each way. That was expected.
What I didn't think about was how close each row is to the next on these planes. I had to really squish myself into the row, the first embarrassing thing I had to deal with. The next was when the dinner arrived and I couldn't open the tray all the way, kind of like when you are on a ride at an amusement park and have to lift your stomach so they can close the bar...which is why I avoid them. Anyway, while I am angry with myself for getting this big, I know there is still hope for me as I have been pretty diligently working on my weight. Because I chose to put my extra bag under the seat in front of me, I couldn't really get comfortable enough to sleep well and the girl I was sharing the row with was asleep, so i didn't want to wake her. I knew I was ready for sleep when I realized I was nodding off while watching Rocketman. It really was good, but I was definitely dozing. So I put on my c-pap, minus the humidifier which you can't use on a plane and went to sleep, but kept waking up because my throat was so dry from the c-pap. Then, it seemed like all of a sudden breakfast was being served and we were a half hour from London. Transferring to British Airways was easy, but we had to take a shuttle to get there. It was miles away, the airport was HUGE!! I thought they were supposed to put us through customs there, but they didn't, so, I was off to Glasgow. Coming out was easy, but honest to Pete, I never went through customs! I don't know if I somehow missed it in London, there were so many
signs or they just go through your luggage somehow and okay it...I could possibly be here illegally!!
Anyway, I got a cab from the airport to the hostel I am staying at. I haven't been in a hostel since 1970 and things have changed. I was able to book a room for less than £30. The room is super tiny, with a double bed and a small bathroom with a tiny shower. But I have to say I am very happy with it. I am not the only older person here. It certainly has fit into my strategy of doing things on the cheap so I could book tours and go places here. After all, what do you do in a hotel room   - you sleep! I have a facebook friend from Edinburgh meeting me Saturday for a Highland Fling. The hotel this event is at is across the street from me. The rooms are over £200 and the fling is £100. It's one of the things I can do because of staying in the hostel. I am off to dreamland...more tomorrow.


  1. I will enjoy “traveling” with you!

  2. You are much braver than I to travel alone to a foreign country!

  3. Way to go, Linda.....just go and enjoy yourself....and post lots of pics, safe! xoxoxo