Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 12 Genealogy Challenge - A Love Poem

I have been out of town celebrating my nephew's wedding so I am playing catch-up here, but what better way than with this challenge. Craft a poem or love letter from one of your ancestor's to his or her future spouse. The ancestor I am using is Gayen Miller who was born in Armagh, Northern Ireland in 1674. His family were fairly unique in Ireland at the time being Quakers. The love of his life was Margaret Henderson. As a Quaker, feelings of love and such were not verbalized very much as the religion was based on service to God. This is my imagined poem from Gayen to Margaret on the eve of their marriage in 1695 in Armagh.

For Margaret

When I see you across the room at prayer
My heart is stilled by the beauty I see
Your love for our Saviour
Touches me beyond measure
Surely the beauty I see
Was given by God above
And I hold my breath
Til our lives are entwined forever

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