Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 9 - Describe and Ancestor's City

                                                          Nashville 1880  

The challenge for today is to pick an ancestor's home town and do some research on how it was during your ancestor's time. Use historical pictures, post cards and city directories to learn about the town, then write a brief tourism ad for the locale highlighting the town's attractions.  
I picked Nashville, Tennessee in the year 1880 when my 2 and 3X great grandfather's lived there. The centennial means a lot to me personally as it was the celebration of the signing of the Cumberland Compact. My Wray/Ray ancestors signed it and were among the first to settle Nashville in 1780.

    In 1880 the Tennessee Centennial Exposition was in full swing. It marked the hundred years of progress since the founding of Nashville and thousands of people flocked to the centennial grounds for the festivities.

Come to Nashville for the Centennial Exposition! Starting April 23 and running until May 29, it is the place to be! There will be parades, orators, music, historical art and commercial exhibits. You will enjoy theatrical performances and the grandest display of fireworks ever seen in Nashville! The exposition is at Broadway and 8th Avenue North, right in the center of our bustling city. In addition to the centennial there is much to see and do here. We have some wonderful buildings including the state capital, city hall and the court house. You can shop and find a little bit of everything in the Market Square, and enjoy a spring evening walk along the Cumberland River!

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